You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions, you create them

“Emotions control me, I cannot seem to learn how to control my emotions.”

Good news, you don’t have to!

Nobody can, anyway. Not really…

Your aren’t at the mercy of your emotions — you create them. That doesn’t mean you are to blame for anything, what is means is that you are the only person who can change it.

Instead of seeing the emotions you experience as something you need to control, let’s consider for a moment that maybe it is something entirely different. Maybe that age old assumption is false.

Emotions are also referred to as feelings. Emotional feelings are not much different from physical feelings. If you put your hand on a hot surface, it will hurt. The pain you feel functions as a warning system. It’s meant to tell you: “Remove your hand — something is compromising our health!” Emotions play the same role. It gives us feedback about the quality of our experience, the quality of our thinking and directs us to change our circumstances and in turn improve our experience.

Emotions are located in the subconscious and it is a function of the subconscious mind to convey a message to you. When my baby boy is crying, I am not going to lecture him on learning to control his emotions! I am going to find out what the problem is, what is wrong. Because crying is his way of saying: “Mommy, I am scared. I want you to comfort me!” or “Mommy, I am hungry. I need you to feed me!”.  You’re probably thinking that’s not the same as an adult experiencing emotions, but the fact is that in a way the subconscious never “grows up”. The subconscious mind will always continue to communicate important messages to you in the same way no matter your age, and just like my baby boy, your subconscious will keep repeating the same message until it is heard. That is why often we have the same problem showing up in life over and over, in different forms. Do you experience the same emotions over and over? Almost as if you cannot get rid of it? If so, your subconscious is trying to tell you something — and it will continue until you get the message.

Instead of trying to manage your emotions, you need to find out what your subconscious mind is giving you feedback on. Improve your quality of thinking and the quality of your experience will improve. This process doesn’t happen automatically. It is hard work and takes a lot of effort and time. But, if you are willing to make the investment, you can build a better relationship with your subconscious mind and find out exactly what is at the root of these undesirable emotions. You can learn to understand exactly how you create the process of having those bad feelings. When we know how you create that process, we can change your process to, instead, create wonderful feelings!

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